Thank you for visiting my Pet Sitting page! I am a veterinary technician that does pet sitting and a few other things on the side. I have been pet sitting for over 15 years and in the veterinary field profession for about five total. For my life story, you can check out my About Me page.

I can pet sit a variety of animals. I mainly pet sit cats, dogs, reptiles, fish, birds, and goats. I provide my services to the UTC/La Jolla area mainly but we can discuss other San Diego pet sitting options with added travel fees. I am available for the holidays as well at no additional cost. Each case is different and the total cost depends entirely on the specific services provided.

So, how does this work? There are five phases to how I pet sit.

1) Introduction- This is where you contact me via telephone or email with your specific needs. I will respond typically within one to two business days with a quote or any additional information needed. Once we agree on services we will set up a time to complete the Initial Meetup phase.

2) Initial Meetup- We can either meet at your home and get right into the Home Tour phase or meet in a public place and discuss the same things, whatever is more convenient for you. During the Initial Meetup phase, you get to meet me face to face. At this time we will finalize requirements, I will answer any questions you may have, and I can provide references/resume/copy of my driver’s license or whatever you need in order to feel comfortable with me. 🙂 After the Initial Meetup phase, we will complete the Home Tour phase.

3) Home Tour- This includes a tour of your facilities. Here you will be showing me where you store things such as: litter box, extra litter, trash, the food, treats, toys, leashes, poop bags, what doors to leave open or closed etc. I will also need a list of your emergency contacts, your veterinarian, a signed pet sitter authorization if applicable, list of medications your pet is on, list of things your pet is allergic to, likes/dislikes etc. At this time, I will get the key/codes. I require payment ahead of time either through Paypal or cash so I will collect this before leaving the Home Tour.

4) Pet Sitting- This is where I am actually pet sitting. lol To find out more about my pet sitting services, please visit my Pet Sitting Services page.

5) Wrap Up- On the last day of pet sitting, I can leave the key anywhere you like (or keep it for future sitting needs), do my final walk through, and lock up. If I do not leave the key there, then we will select a day/time for me to drop it off to you. At this time, I would appreciate any feedback via email or yelp about my services. 🙂

Please Contact Me with any questions or to set up your pet sitting session today!