Are you new to owning a kitten or puppy? I am not and have a ton of information to share with you about what to expect and how to care for your new kitten or puppy! I have learned a lot over the years of being a veterinary technician here in the UTC/La Jolla area that I am more than willing to share it all with you! In fact, when I pet sit for you, you get this discounted service for only $20 added on to your total. If you would like this service without watching your pet, it is $50. What is included?

Pet Proofing Your Home
Pet First Aid Kit Information
Pet Emergency Kit Information
Vaccine Tutorial
Basic Cat and Dog Care (includes the most important first 16 weeks of age and what to do yearly for basic care)
Ear Cleaning Tutorial (yes, you should be cleaning their ears. :))
Tooth Brush Intro and Training (Your pets get gingivitis etc. like we do!)
Nail Trim Tutorial
Food and Product Information
Behind the Scenes-Labwork, Dentals and more!

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